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Our Story

Food Runs in Our Family

Our culture and family are everything. The whole family support and passionately work together to create food from the heart.

We get a huge sense of pride in doing something we all love together.

We are an authentic Italian mobile caterer in Canberra providing a range of different offerings including pizza, pasta, salad and traditional dessert. We are always striving to develop products and create exciting new taste sensations.

We look forward to sharing our love of food with you! 

Owner & Executive Chef

Alex Nocera


I am Alex Nocera my passion is food!

I have many food influences in my life but the most important are my Mum, Nonna and Zia’s.


They have shared all of their skills, knowledge, passion and most importantly for me their love of cooking.


My family originated in the south of Italy in Calabria where every meal is considered a celebration, this is something that was passed on to me from a very early age.

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